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Welcome to the parents' pages of our website.  These have been designed to answer some common questions about how to help your child at home.
  1. What revision guides do we recommend?
  2. What syllabus do we follow?
  3. Is there anything on the Internet to help?
  4. What textbooks do you use?
If you have a question that is not listed here then please contact us.

What revision guides do we recommend?

We recommend the revision guides produced by CGP Publishing for SATs and GCSE.  We currently provide all Y9 students with a revision guide in preparation for their SATs.  At A level we recommend those produced by Letts.  All are available from Amazon.  Click on the images below for more information about the book you are interested in.

ISBN:1841462403 ISBN:1841462306 ISBN:1841469610
ISBN:184146211X ISBN:1843154250 ISBN:1843154382

We also recommend any workbooks and exam practice pack that are designed to complement each specific revision guide.

What syllabus do we follow?

At GCSE most students follow the AQA Co-ordinated Dual Award science syllabus (specification).  Those who opt to study separate GCSEs in science follow the AQA Co-odinated Chemistry specification.

In the Sixth Form we follow the Edexcel Nuffield chemistry specifications for AS and A2.

Copies of all these specifications are available by following the links below.

                        Edexcel Logo


Is there anything on the Internet to help?

Yes. Just choose the level of study from the top of this page (KS3, GCSE or A Level) and you will find resources like past papers or notes and links to other sites with more help.

What textbooks do you use?


All students study the 3 sciences, with some opting to study separate sciences at GCSE.  Your child will use 'Chemistry for You' no matter which option they have chosen.

Again, available from Amazon for £13.30 (ISBN: 0748762345).  It is not necessary to purchase the books we use in class, but we have given the ISBN number to help you order it if you wish to.




A Level

If your child has chosen to study A Level Chemistry this year at High Storrs details of the  books required to study the course are outlined below.

Available from Amazon (ISBN: 0582328357).  Click on the picture to take publisher's website. The data book required for the course is also available form Amazon  (ISBN: 058235448X). 

However,  books are available on loan from the school, along with the specialist studies material required at A2.  All we require is a deposit of £15 for all the required materials.  This will be returned at the end of the course if the book is in a reusable condition.  Please make cheques payable to High Storrs School.


We recently purchased copies of Advanced Chemistry for You (ISBN : 0748752978) for all sixth formers as a reference book to supplement the course.  This is also provided on receipt of the deposit mentioned above.  It explains topics from GCSE level initially and then goes into the detail required for the course.  It is in a similar format to the textbook used at GCSE and should be familiar to High Storrs students.